2019 was the first year we conducted the Asian Defoliator Survey.  This survey allowed us to target 5 Asian defoliator moth pests of concern to Kentucky's forests in terms of the ecology, the economic importance of the lumber industry, and the economic importance of tourism and the state parks system.  Kentucky's state parks and other forested parks provide ideal sites for this survey since they are spread across the state and each offer extensive forests with mixed deciduous and evergreen trees. 


   Japanese Gypsy Moth female                                           Japanese Gypsy Moth male

We selected 20 forested parks as our survey sites.  This was a trapping survey designed to detect five Asian Defoliator Lepidopteran pests:  Asian Gypsy Moth, Japanese Gypsy Moth, Rosy Moth, Hokkaido Gypsy Moth, and Casaurina Tussock Moth.  The establishment of any of these pests would have large negative impacts on the state’s valuable forests.


  • Number of Parks Surveyed:  20

  • Counties Surveyed:  Barren, Boone, Carroll, Carter, Floyd, Greenup, Jefferson, Johnson, Lawrence, Madison, Pendleton, Pulaski, Robertson, Spencer, Taylor, Whitley

  • Number of Target Moth Pests Captured:  0