The nursery industry has a large economic impact in the state of Kentucky.  A report from the Kentucky Horticulture Council states that in 2012, cash receipts for wholesale and retail sales for nursery, greenhouse, and sod products totaled between $50 and $70 million.  In 2017, Kentucky had 480 licensed nurseries in the state and 1,074 licensed nursery dealers (data from Office of the State Entomologist).

 Many moth pests attack popular trees and ornamentals that are sold in Kentucky’s nurseries.  This trapping survey will safeguard this economically important industry.   

For the  nursery survey we will set 5 different traps in 10 nurseries. Each trap targets a different moth pest of concern: Summer Fruit Tortix, Variegated Golden Tortrix, False Codling Moth, Oak Processionary Moth, and Green Oak Tortrix.  One trap for each insect pest, baited with the appropriate lure, will be in place from April/May to September/October. 

We will also conduct a visual survey for Imported Fire Ants since they can accidentally be moved in the soil of nursery stock. 

               Green Oak Tortrix                                                False Codling Moth

Green Oak Tortrix               False Codling Moth

            Summer Fruit Tortrix

Summer Fruit Tortrix