Red Imported Fire AntFire ant mounds are periodically detected in western Kentucky. There have been several detection and eradication events in Calloway County in and around the city of Murray and, more recently, in a national recreation area and a state park in Trigg County.  Some infestations have been eradicated and some are in the process of being eradicated.   See the Past Surveys section for a complete history of fire ant detections and eradications in western Kentucky. 

Red Imported Fire Ant mound



Regulatory personnel from the University of Kentucky’s Office of the State Entomologist will continue periodic surveys for fire ants using visual surveys and/or baited canisters (baited with peanut oil) to determine the extent of the problem.  Past detections in western Kentucky have resulted in successful eradications.  These surveys will allow us to detect mounds early and treat them.

Red Imported Fire Ant adult