In 2017, Kentucky had 554 farms (US rank 13th) and 962 acres in apple production.  The average yield varies from 450,000 to 750,000 bushels per year with cash values ranging from $24.M to $40.6M per year. 

Kentucky's orchards have also grown tremendously in popularity as venues for playgrounds, concerts, festivals, school tours, corn mazes, and weddings.  These orchards as sites of agritourism are estimated to contribute $10B to Kentucky's tourism industry.

Many apple orchards also grow peaches, although this is not as large of a commodity in Kentucky, with 203 farms growing 371 acres of peaches in 2012 (USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service).  The list of pests in this survey reflect the fact that many orchards grow both of these commodities.  There is a focus on apple pests, but many of the pests have peaches as a host as well. 

Several insect pests would be very damaging to the apple industry in Kentucky if they became established in the state. Many insects can be surveyed using pheromone trapping. The use of these traps will allow for early detection and prevention of pest establishment in the state. We will survey for the following moth pests: Summer Fruit Tortrix, Light Brown Apple Moth, Pear Leaf Blister Moth, European Grapevine Moth, Plum Fruit Moth, and Cherry Bark Tortrix.

European Cherry Fruit Fly was recently confirmed in Ontario and is of concern to the United States; therefore, we will set fruit fly traps in orchards that have an appropriate host (cherry trees or honeysuckle). 

We will also conduct a visual survey for Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive pest of concern for which there is no trap or lure currently available.

We will obtain permission from orchard owners to place pheromone traps in their fields and we estimate that 11-13 orchards will participate in the survey although the number of orchards surveyed depends on funding.

Light Brown Apple Moth                                       Summer Fruit Tortrix

Summer Fruit Tortrix          Light Brown Apple Moth

Cherry Bark Tortrix

Cherry Bark Tortrix